Digital Optimization Services
Digital Optimization Services

Digital Optimization Services

What is Digital Optimization Services ?

Digital Optimization Services is a service whose job is to offer optimization of a website, online store or application to get top rankings on search engine pages. This service is responsible for optimizing a website, online store or application so that it has a good image, credibility and has the top ranking in the eyes of Google.

Digital Optimization Services

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Digital Optimization Services

In this developing era, of course, the sophistication of digital technology is increasingly needed. In fact, not only as a livelihood but digital technology is also a place to optimize digital assets so that there are also Digital Asset Optimization Services that have been trusted in handling various digital assets of clients such as this Freelancer Warung. One form of advancement in digital technology is online shops, Instagram, Facebook business, websites, applications and the like which have their own charm for many people as one of the needs of the modern era.

Basically, digital asset is not a new term, but this has been developing for a long time, precisely in the 90s when at that time, digital assets were better known by the public as an item ranging from video, images, sound and documentation. And as time goes by and the times develop with digital technology that is increasingly sophisticated, now digital assets do not only cover that but also include customer data, digital channels and so on.

Digital Asset Optimization Services

Based on reliable information sources, Digital Assets are defined as any type that is related to binary data that stands alone, this can also be interpreted as unique and has value or ability to be used. Then, what are these digital assets like?

Simply put, digital assets are any form of something that is represented in a digital form that has intrinsic value as well as acquisition. The main key is in which part of the file can add value to the company or business. In general, digital assets are all forms of things that are stored digitally and provide plus points for individuals and companies. This can be in the form of images, videos, text, audio, PDF, graphic designs, presentation slides, websites, online shops and spreadsheets.

Basically, considering the progress of the times which continue to develop with increasing sophistication, this term can also change along with technological developments. When a new digital format is found, the file can be included in the list of digital assets. Indeed, digital assets can provide a visual representation of your product or service, and it is possible that you can connect and engage target audiences across a range of channels and media. There are several keys that make a file or document a digital asset, including:

1. Digital assets need to be in the form of digital files with the property rights of individuals or companies

2. The file must also supply value to each individual as well as the company

3. And need to be easy to access, find and distribute

Through the explanation above, of course, you can imagine how important it is to optimize digital assets that are managed by you. So with this, it's no wonder that you need the help of an expert like Warung Freelancer to optimize your digital assets, starting from your Facebook business, website, Instagram, applications, online stores and so on.

Digital Asset Optimization Services

Anyway, do you already know what asset optimization is? Asset optimization itself is basically one of the work processes of asset management in using and utilizing assets with the aim of optimizing these assets. For division in grouping, theoretically not found. The reason is that what you usually encounter is only a grouping of tangible or intangible assets, right or not? however, in using it at least the assets need to be used more optimally therefore it is also known as the use of sub-optimal assets which can refer you to optimizing the available assets.

To find out whether these assets are optimal or not is indeed a quite complicated problem for individuals or companies. Even without realizing it, all this time we have not been optimizing digital assets properly. Then how? It's easy, you can use trusted and professional Digital Asset Optimization Services such as Warung Freelancer where this service is one of the most trusted digital asset optimization service providers in Indonesia.

Another way that you can do if you don't want to use asset optimization services is to look for several factors that cause non-optimization in the use and utilization of digital assets themselves. In addition, an analysis is also needed to optimize the use and utilization of assets in order to identify and select which assets need to be included in operational assets and which ones need to be included in non-operational assets.

In operational assets, you need to understand carefully how the condition of the assets themselves is. whether operational assets are optimal or not in their use and benefits. Also do an in-depth study. Meanwhile, for non-operational assets, it is hoped that you can pay attention to the existing condition of an asset. The reason is that it aims to be able to remove threats from many factors around.

Simply put, there are many types of digital assets that are perched everywhere, one of which is an online shop where this has mushroomed very much in Indonesia. Starting from using an automatic or manual system. And whether your choice is either automatic or manual is not so important. the important thing is how you generate conversions. It will be in vain if the website or online shop is sophisticated, has spent a lot of budget in making it, but in fact it doesn't produce any results at all. Or even produce but the amount is very small.

Therefore, optimizing is very important to maintain the stability of digital assets such as online stores, websites and the like. And in this article we have prepared several examples of optimization that have proven successful for many online stores, including:

There are also examples of optimizing online store digital assets that you can pay attention to, including:

1. Removing Product Banners

2. Change the word shop now to buy now

3. Eliminating certain elements on the checkout page

4. Align the image size

5. Using email marketing and embedding an opt in form

It looks a little complicated, isn't it the optimization methods above? What's more, if you don't clearly understand how to optimize it, coupled with less qualified skills, of course this can provide its own level of complexity for you. Therefore, we recommend that you use the best service from Warung Freelancer as a provider of Digital Asset Optimization Services covering various forms of assets ranging from online shops, applications, business Facebook, Instagram, websites and so on. Through the services offered by Warung Freelancer, indirectly you have simplified the process of optimizing your digital assets.

In fact, every action taken is all going according to the applicable procedure. More than that, every step by step is carried out properly by professionals who are very trusted and capable in this field. So you don't need to worry or worry about the final results you get when using the services of Warung Freelancer. In fact, not only that, this service has been supported by the best freelancers who are experts and professionals and knowledgeable in every field. Each project work process is also always monitored closely, so the results are always good and according to client requests.

So how? Are you interested in entrusting Warung Freelancer to help optimize the digital assets you have. If yes, then don't wait long, just contact the admin service contact available on the official website page and immediately consult what you need and what the team should do for you.

Thus, the discussion above hopefully can be important information that is useful for all of you. We thank you very much and see you soon.

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