Live TikTok Host Services
Live TikTok Host Services

Live TikTok Host Services

What is Live TikTok Host Services ?

TikTik Live Host Service is a service provided by a number of hosting service providers that aim to assist TikTok users in broadcasting live on the platform. This service allows TikTok users to rent a server that will be used to host their live broadcasts.

Live TikTok Host Services

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About Us

TikTok is an application that is currently popular and is very loved by many people of all ages. Apart from being entertaining, the reason many people like TikTok is because there are also lots of useful videos. And now TikTok can become a source of livelihood through live features guided by experienced and knowledgeable Live TikTok Shop Services.

Being a social media platform that is quite popular with many people for the last few years, it is enough to make TikTok trending and finally new features are formed that increasingly attract the attention of the audience. This short video application also has a video upload feature that can be combined with available music, quite varied and quite a lot of filters, there is even a live feature.

Live or live broadcasts can of course be one way to make your TikTok account more active and interact with fellow users. An active account will also attract the attention of many viewers and likers, even if the account is already famous, the account can get the opportunity to get a TikTok endorsement. Not only that, TikTok also offers an online gift feature while it is live. This prize can also be exchanged for cash, which will definitely give you benefits when using it.

Live TikTok Host Services

Get to know the Live TikTok Shop Host Services

As explained above, TikTok is a social media platform that is widely used to interact with viewers. This platform also allows users to interact directly. Even more than that, apart from interacting, the TikTok platform can also be a way to make a profit on TikTok. When doing live or live broadcasts, users can get highly anticipated online prizes from the audience to be exchanged for money.

Live TikTok Shop Terms and Conditions

Basically, TikTok does not give permission for live features to be accessed for free, but there are several live terms and conditions that every user who wants to go live needs to understand. Below are several terms and conditions for going live on TikTok that you can pay attention to.

1. Have at least 1000 followers

The TikTok live feature is only available for accounts that have a minimum number of followers of 1000. If the followers have not reached the minimum limit then when you press the + button you will not find the Go Live option, because the features available are only 60s, 15s and Templates.

2. Aged 16 years and over

When registering a TikTok account, the application will ask for the user's date and year of birth. For those of you who are under 16 years old, please be patient. The live TikTok feature can also be used by every user with a minimum age of 16 years.

3. New Version of the TikTok Application

When you already have more than 1000 followers and you are 16 years old, the live feature is not yet available. You don't need to worry, it's possible that the application you are using hasn't been updated to the latest version. So, please update again and check the Go Live option again on your previously updated TikTok application.

How to Go Live on Your Own TikTok Shop

When you're busy watching videos on TikTok, TikTok often displays live video notifications from other users on the timeline, even though basically these people are not our followers. This is also proof that live on TikTok can be watched by every TikTok user with lots of viewers. Besides that. You can also loive if you meet the existing requirements. And below are ways to do your own live broadcast on TikTok that you might try:

1. Open the TikTok application on your favorite smartphone

2. Click + at the bottom of the screen

3. Please enter the live title you want in the add a title section

4. After that, click Go Live at the bottom. You will also be given information about several TikTok followers who are online

5. Finally, you only need to interact with viewers

How to Live Tiktok Together

Doing live together with friends will definitely be more fun and more exciting. Below are a few steps for going live with TikTok users that you can try:

1. Do live streaming using the previous method (see above)

2. Click the invite button at the bottom left when live

3. Select the user you want to invite live together on TikTok

4. Done and all you have to do is maximize the collaboration so that the live can be fun and exciting

Even though basically doing live TikTok is not as difficult as you imagine, the methods are very practical and easy to understand. However, there are quite a few people who dare to go live on TikTok. It's not without reason that they are reluctant to do Live on TikTok, but many of them are sometimes reluctant to do Live because of lack of understanding, lack of interaction, lack of confidence and not being good at public speaking, some even don't have the time to do it.

However, as an entrepreneur or business person you must be able to do this to support success. The reason is, in this digital era, the courage to appear live has become important for business continuity. Plus, TikTok's live feature can reach more users so the chances of getting buyers are greater. That's why you have to be able to do this if you want your business to progress and be known widely.

However, if you don't have the courage or lack the confidence to do it yourself. You don't need to worry either, because now Warung Freelancer is present in your midst by providing Live TikTok Shop Services which can help you convey the products or services you offer.

Apart from that, by using a TikTok live host you can also get many benefits in your business including:

1. The product or service can be known to many people

2. Save more time

3. Save budget

4. No hassle

5. More practical and efficient

Plus, if the host is experienced, reliable and of course professional. There will definitely be many benefits that you can get. In fact, you can get more than that if you use the Live TikTok Shop Service from Warung Freelancer because each host is equipped with mature knowledge, has broad knowledge and also supports every aspect. So it is guaranteed that if you use a host from this service you will not be disappointed, in fact you will get bigger profits.

That's the discussion above, hopefully it can provide a lot of useful information for all of you and don't forget to choose Warung Freelancer if you need an experienced and professional host to go live on TikTok or other platforms.

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