Shopee Live Hosting Services
Shopee Live Hosting Services

Shopee Live Hosting Services

What is Shopee Live Hosting Services ?

Shopee Live Host Service is a professional service in helping you do live streaming to promote products from sellers when doing live streaming. The live shopee host itself will do live streaming at the hosts place and the seller is obliged to send the product to the hosts place to expedite the live streaming process at the shopee by the host service.

Shopee Live Hosting Services

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About Us

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia in the last few years, of course we all know that almost all sectors have been affected. In fact, many businesses have experienced bankruptcy, there have been many employee reductions, reduced employee wages and employee layoffs.

In this era of crisis, of course all paths feel dead-end, but even so, being creative could be the right solution for you to support a stable life. There are those who are starting to do business online, by creating content on social media such as Instagram, YouTube and others and other activities that are expected to generate additional income, one of which is by becoming a live streamer on the Shopee Live Host Service as a side job.

Shopee Live Host Services

The progress of the times plus the sophistication of digital technology has now made many platforms rise and become more advanced in providing services to make things easier for their customers. One of them is a marketplace platform which is identical to the orange logo and S or Shopee symbol! This digital platform has recently upgraded its newest features by providing a live feature.

So what is Shopee Live? Basically, the Shope Love feature is a feature that allows you to create streaming sessions and promote shops and products directly to viewers. Spectators or viewers who watch this live can also directly communicate with you in real time to find out more about the products you are selling and they will buy them directly without having to leave the streaming page.

Through direct interaction with the audience, you can understand buyers' needs and build a better shopping experience for more people. Besides that, sellers who rebroadcast streaming sessions can also have a Shopee Live tab on their shop homepage.

It is also a little emphasized for you that the 'about to start' column is only available for selected sellers who can schedule a streaming session in advance. And the preparations that must be prepared when you want to do live streaming on Shopee include preparing the following things:

- Program flow

- Live broadcast duration

- Camera settings

- Check internet connection

- Products displayed

If you want to include discounted products or create a giveaway, please make sure first that you have prepared several things, including discounts and vouchers, and don't forget to create a program flow and how to create live streaming activities before starting.

There are also several things you need to make sure to start streaming, namely:

- Prepare your content pipeline and choose a host

- Plan the length of streaming time

- Set discounts and products to be displayed in the live streaming session

- Add at least one product to display before finally starting the live session so you can add other products during the live session.

- Prepare supporting tools and camera settings

- Also make sure you have a good internet connection and sufficient product stock

- Prepare a giveaway list and double check the number of free gifts required

- Upload cover photo and title to be displayed on the main shopee live page

- Post about your live stream on social media

Meanwhile, on the other hand, you also have to follow the live streaming cover guide to attract more potential viewers in the following way:

- Ensure images are in high quality and safe lighting

- Place the product in the center of the image

- Make sure the background of the rapid is a plain color

- make sure the image is not cut

- Make sure the information in the image is relevant and correct

- Don't forget to set image dimensions more than 720 x 720 pixels.

When you do a live stream you will get an alarm or stop streaming, this is probably because you have violated Shopee Love's content terms. If you commit a violation repeatedly, your account will be temporarily or permanently blocked and you will not be able to stream live

So, that's why it's very important for you to know all the steps and procedures, including what regulations are permitted and what constitutes a violation. This serves to avoid account freezing which could also be detrimental to you.

However, if you don't want the hassle and headache of having to do the various methods above while your skills are still not enough, you should use the Shopee Live Host Service from Warung Freelancer where the hosts are more trustworthy, professional and of course high quality. so you don't need to worry about the performance results.

Shopee Live Host Services

In the midst of the modern era, which is supported by sophisticated digital technology, there are many opportunities that are wide open to earn additional income. There are even some people who decide to become online shop resellers and some of them choose to sell goods and services online. and there are also those who host live on one of the live streaming applications.

Not long ago news spread that live streaming has become a form of entertainment for people who use social media. Similar to its name, live streaming is online streaming media that is recorded and provided simultaneously and in real time. Someone who broadcasts a live stream is also usually called a host, while the audience who watches it is called a viewer.

There are also various types of live streaming broadcasts carried out by hosts, ranging from live streaming of culinary content, learning, singing and interacting with the audience via live chat. As is done by several influencers and the like.

There are several types of live streaming hosts that streamers often use, including the following types:

1. Official Host

A host appointed by the platform management, for example to fill the official Shopee Live. Official hosts also have a system of being paid and highlighted while they are live. Apart from that, this profession also has the task of being a Key Opinion Leader or abbreviated as KOL Shopee.

2. Live Seller

Meanwhile, live sellers are shops that hold their own live events to increase their sales.

3. Love Streamer

Meanwhile, live streamers are hosts outside platform management. In general, anyone can register by completing personal data and requirements, then can immediately go live when their account has received approval.

These are several types of live streaming hosts that streamers usually do. For those of you who want to do live shopee but don't have the ability to do it all yourself. As explained above, it's better to just entrust the matters of hosting Live Shopee to the experts here. Kareena Warung Freelance provides professional and qualified hosts with extensive knowledge! curious? Come on, just try it and feel the benefits and performance of the live shop host team provided by Warung Freelancer.

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