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In today's modern era, the internet has become one of the basic needs for most people in the world. The presence of the internet in our lives gives a new nuance and makes the world feel like in the palm of your hand, where every human being can access it easily in finding information, entertainment and so on by using an internet connection.

Even though it has many uses in the daily needs of every human being, the internet itself has risks that are detrimental, one of which is the theft of personal data which is at risk of misusing data by unscrupulous persons.

In fact, the internet cannot be separated from negative negative impacts, but there are several ways to overcome this by understanding the tips and tricks for using the internet safely. So, what are the ways to stay safe using the internet? following Warung Freelancer will share the tips and tricks below.

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As discussed earlier, using the internet is an easy way to take hold of the world. However, there are also things you should know when you want to use the internet to stay safe and avoid various risks, including:

1. Turn off Bluetooth when not needed

2. Try not to provide personal information

3. Do not access harmful links

4. Avoid connecting with open Wifi

5. Login with sites that use Https

6. Download antivirus and anti-malware software

7. Back up device data repeatedly

Well, that's how you can do it as a way to use the internet properly based on tips and tricks from Warung Freelancer.

Apart from providing the tips and tricks above, we, Warung Freelancer, as the best service provider on the internet with 15,000 freelancer members, provide many other attractive offers for all of you. In fact, not only do we provide the above tips and tricks for using the internet, we here have also prepared a series of other useful tips and tricks for your internet needs.

So how? The tips and tricks above are quite helpful, right? Come on, find out other tips and tricks at the group stall right now.

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