SEO Keyword Research Services
SEO Keyword Research Services

SEO Keyword Research Services

What is SEO Keyword Research Services ?

SEO Keyword Research Services is a service that provides services for determining main and derived keywords that will be targeted in the SEO optimization process. This method is the right choice for you to find the right keywords before writing SEO articles and optimizing link building. Keyword research itself has an important role in the accuracy of the optimization process.

SEO Keyword Research Services

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About Us

When carrying out Keyword Research or what is generally called Keyword research for SEO, it is something that must be done early when you first start a site. The hope as a site manager is that you definitely want to get visitors or increase sales (if you are in the business sector, starting from services or products). So with that, don't let too much content that you have published in the hope of getting bona fide results end up being nil, you might even think you will end your site.

But, don't be in a hurry to get discouraged and close just yet, friends! Because we will provide the right solution to overcome everything so that you can understand and act on it so that your site's hopes of success can be achieved easily.

SEO Keyword Research Services

From our research we can be more focused in reviewing content, whether the content created will be used as a branding, sales or traffic source goal. Each of them has various types of research methods, but in the end they are separated or combined, it all comes back to the basic needs of your business.

Especially in the current era of developing smart search engines like Google which have advanced technology such as the Rankbrain and AI algorithms. SEO work techniques also prioritize human needs. Even the system used by them will continue to be improved in understanding the meaning of words or sentences and the intentions in the human mind. With this, traditional keyword research methods are no longer useful for the type of website that will build sales or branding.

So, if you are someone who has a business and is confused about getting targeted keywords for a blog or website. Then Warung Freelancer SEO Keyword Research Services is the right solution! Why ? Because Warung Freelancer will help your site reach its target with potential on-target keywords which we will research so that the results obtained are more potential.

The Importance of SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research is a type of research that you can do as part of an SEO strategy or, in short, optimization for search engines. In fact, this research is one of the activities to search for the most keywords. Often searched by people on search engines, this corresponds to the topic on the page on your site. Having the right keywords or those most searched by people is the most important part for you. With that, try not to write keywords that no one is looking for.

However, friends, you also need to know that increasing the number of visitors to your site or getting your page to position on page 1 of searches is not the only goal that must be achieved first. But you also have to determine the target so that it hits the target. So, this is the importance of why you need Warung Freelancer services to help you realize all your goals.

Understanding the Importance of the Value of a Keyword

Before we discuss further about the services of Warung Freelancer, here I will invite you to understand the importance of the value of a keyword so that you don't take it lightly and find it easily. Let's take a look so we know more about the values of SEO keyword rules.

First, in determining the value of a keyword, we need to appreciate the keyword itself rather than just considering it as a mere sentence that has the same value. In a keyword search, there are keywords that are felt to be the most relevant so many people search for them but are less useful. There are also keywords that are least searched for but have high value. So, therefore you need to understand what the motives or goals of a search engine like Google are first, regarding keywords. This is also generally called Search Intent.

There are many types of Search Intent that you should know about. Below I will share simple information that may help you understand the true value of keywords more easily.

1. Information

As it should be, Google is a smart machine that is able to understand every motive, so it is not uncommon for Google to directly provide answer results in the Quick Answer Box. Searching for keywords in English is common, but in Indonesian it is still relatively rare. So, it is important to be careful when choosing keywords because this can affect the number of visitors.

2. Price

In general, people will not immediately buy goods that they want to buy in a shop. Because he will continue to search first to survey market prices in search engines.

3. Transactions

Meanwhile, this type has a fairly high level. The reason is that most people search for keywords with this motif, which is a sign that they are ready to interact with a product or service.

4. Navigation

Next there is navigation which is a habit of internet users where most users type certain keywords just to find a site they want to visit. This type of keyword is also large in size but has minimal benefits.

So that was an important part of understanding the importance of keyword values that you can master so that you don't judge keywords carelessly.

Talking about keywords, of course you have experienced difficulties in finding the right keywords for your website or blog? Don't worry, now you don't need to worry about that anymore! Because, here at Warung Freelancer we have provided bona fide and most relevant SEO Keyword Research Services with on-target potential. So with this, you don't need to bother looking for targeted keywords for your website or blog content, because our team will work hard to produce the best SEO keywords. In fact, all the research processes are carried out by the Warung Freelancer team, which is reliable in the SEO field with professional SEO tools. So it is believed to be able to capture big data from potential keywords in Google searches.

So, do you still want to worry about getting your own SEO keywords? It's better to just trust Warung Freelancer which has clear direction, guaranteed SEO keyword results and of course friendly prices. Our services here are already widely known by high-class developers to meet their needs. You can even consider the social proof traces of our services to compare with our similar services here.

If you are interested in using Warung Freelancer's services to search for the SEO keywords you need. So you can immediately consult all your keyword needs with us, and we will immediately respond to each of your needs well and provide quality service for your order.

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