Website Optimization Services
Website Optimization Services

Website Optimization Services

What is Website Optimization Services ?

b>Website Optimization Services is the right service for you to maintain and improve a website so that it runs well and efficiently. The presence of this website optimization service also helps you achieve your target goal, which is to occupy the top position on the Google search page

Website Optimization Services

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In the midst of advances in digital technology, the term website optimization is no longer unfamiliar. Even now, website optimization services have mushroomed all over the area and are even located on various digital platforms. The emergence of this optimization service is certainly not without reason, this is because when building a website, not everyone is able to optimize the website. This is also related to their goals in building the website. However, if the goal is business, then generally the website is optimized so that it can be more easily reached by many users.

However, the aims of building your own website are varied and some even have negative aims. However, most of them build websites for positive purposes. For example, seeking popularity or recognition for the general public, spreading ideas or services and product branding purposes or it could also include the goals of all three.

One of the goals of the website itself is business goals. Only armed with a page that has been created in a very attractive way, there is great hope that web developers can introduce their business, offer services or even show a portfolio of someone's/your work with the aim of making clients more interested and confident in carrying out transactions or using your services.

Website Optimization Services

If you have a website or manage a website, of course you often hear the term website optimization! In fact, currently there are many tools that offer to help optimize websites. So what is website optimization and how important is a website? the following is the explanation below.

According to one trusted source, website optimization is a process in improving website capabilities. In this process, we rely more on various tools, strategies and experiments to improve performance than on the website itself. Optimizing your website can also make you gain more trust in the eyes of your audience. In fact, another goal is to increase conversions to increase revenue.

Meanwhile, the approach to optimizing websites connects various disciplines to ensure websites have more ideal performance in each area, including:

1. Copywriting

2. SEO

3. UX Design (Frontend)

4. Analytics

5. CRO/landing page optimization

6. Web development (backend)

As we know, currently the internet has become a very large marketing medium in all industries. With this, you need to position your business well so that you get a large number of consumers. The right step that you can choose to do is to optimize the website.

If you don't optimize your website and content, then neither of them will appear in the results of various types of search engines, be it Google, Yahoo and so on. Some of those who search for relevant keywords will not see your content. But when you optimize for search, you have positioned yourself in the digital world. So, when consumers want to search for relevant keywords, the content will always be displayed.

Website Optimization Services

Even though some business people have felt the positive impact of using websites in their business, quite a few people are still curious about why websites are so important for a business in the current digital era.

Basically, maybe some of you feel that the business you manage is running well without using a website. However, in today's digital era everything can change at any time quickly. This includes societal trends which often change significantly without being predicted in advance.

The bankruptcy that hit several outlets or retail sales outlets could be clear evidence that trade and buying and selling have shifted from the real world to the virtual world. There are also several reasons why when you build a business or business you need a website to support your business.

Based on information quoted from VWO, currently there are 5 types of important strategies that need to be carried out so that your website can be more optimal. The five are as follows:

1. Optimize Mobile Usage

Although currently it is enough to have a site that appears and functions well on PCs and the like. However, in order to support success in the online market, you also have to focus more on the function and appearance of your website on mobile. Simply put you can do a mobile usability test. Apart from that, you also have to test it in smartphone mode to make sure it can adapt to every screen size. Apart from that, you can also confirm several things, including:

1. The website loads correctly and quickly

2. All content is clearly visible

3. The text is easy to understand and easy to read

4. Reduced images and graphics can still be read

5. Websites can be navigated more easily

2. Increased speed

Every audience certainly doesn't like to wait a long time while the site is loading. So with this, your site must have the right time to get a much better user experience. What's more, time is a factor in Google ranking and SEO.

3. SEO optimization

According to surveys, the audience prefers organic search to advertising. They will also search through content that has qualities relevant to what they need. Therefore, this is what is called SEO. The first step in improving SEO is to ensure that Google has correctly indexed each of your pages. Create a list of indexed pages and check which keywords are ranking in google.

4. Create Website Copy to Boost Audience Conventions

Images, design, usability and speed on a page are important parts... but words can also be the control button for the message that you will convey to each audience. With this, don't rush into publishing content. Create copy on each page that provides a logistical road map for the conservation actions you want your audience to take.

To do this, you don't need basic copywriting techniques, just basic copywriting techniques. Identify areas with weak copy on your website. Then you can figure out and test different variations based on what you know about your customers.

5. Multivariate A/B Tester

This section is quite important in testing your potential. Simply put, the conversion rate for landing pages is quite low and the copy is the problem. Here you can formulate new, stronger titles and features and test them directly.

Apart from the 5 strategies above, there are many other ways you can optimize your website. and if you feel that the method above is quite difficult to understand and also difficult to carry out, it would be better if you only trust the Website Optimization Services from Warung Freelance which are clear, trustworthy and of course very professional so that they are trusted by many clients from various groups.

Come on, what are you waiting for, just contact the admin service contact and immediately consult what you need for your website.

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