Online Store Management Services
Online Store Management Services

Online Store Management Services

What is an Online Store Management Service?

Online Store Management Services are services that play an important role in assisting sellers or businesses in managing online stores. Duties undertaken include setting up advertisements, customer service, admin, product design and so on. Good online store management creates good engagement with customers.

Online Store Management Services

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About Us

Online Store Management Services

Nowadays, online stores are part of our daily lives, shopping is no longer only carried out in markets or shopping stores, but we also do it every day in front of our laptop screens and cellphone screens, this shift in shopping habits we should be especially aware of. for those of us who are business actors in the field of buying and selling, be it electronic components, clothing and so on, because if we as industry players, sellers do not keep up with the progress of purchases made by our buyers, we will be eroded by other buyers, our competitors who have already gone online there are lots of online shops or marketplaces that really provide a place for us to sell there

The advantages of selling at an online store

Selling in online stores besides we don't need to rent a location we also don't need to carry out processes such as packing goods then warehousing and so on so this will reduce our costs to sell but this can be an advantage as well as a problem when we have many competitors that appear in the industry or field of sales that we do, even though we don't have to have a warehouse and a showcase where there is an online shop, we still sell well and are in demand by buyers, we have to design. How can our online store be able to provide maximum sales results? the editing process so that the appearance of the product image becomes more brilliant Because after all, the products we sell can only be seen by visitors from the photos we display, even though they are as good as the products we sell, but if the photos or images displayed are messy, it will result in our products not selling well in the market For this problem, we, freelancer stalls, provide a service to provide optimization or management of your online shop. We provide a variety of services that cover it, such as:

1. Online store account creation services

This online shop account creation service covers various needs that are used to create an online shop in a marketplace including email, login, mobile number and so on

2. what product services to online stores

Having a product means that we have to enter each of these images one by one into the online store that we have Not arbitrarily entering We also have to take into account the location points Is the design of our online store optimal or have we not returned to buying just to see how the online store design is we won't be able to see the products directly What is our office like and so on what we have to optimize is the products that we upload have been optimized the pictures look prettier then the products are explained in very clear detail so there is no misunderstanding with the buyer which will result in giving 1 star when after the purchase occurs of course we don't want one star on the product we have so we must provide maximum service so that the product we have is in accordance with the wishes of the buyer

3. product photography services

As has been explained, the photo of the product should not be taken carelessly in the photo, we must use a camera with a very good image capacity so that the photo can transmit or look real because one of the weaknesses of online stores is that buyers cannot see the goods directly, so buyers cannot check whether the goods as desired or not We as sellers must provide pictures and details that match the product so that there are no misunderstandings when a purchase occurs

4. monthly management services

Monthly management services are a collection of services that have been discussed previously, namely we make you an online store including various logos, banners and so on. Then we also make product photos for you to display in your online store. who post on your online store for one month with the financing contract that we agreed on at the beginning

5. services live in the online store

Lately, online shops have started to change, other features, such as watching videos, have started to appear in various online stores, for example, at Shopee, Shopee has a feature where we can sell our online shop with videos in the form of long videos containing buying and selling information. of certain goods. We must also have a host who looks attractive so that the audience does not leave immediately when opening the broadcast about the products discussed

The advantages of buying online store management service products at freelancer stalls

As has been said, freelancer stalls are a freelancer community with more than 1,000 members, each member has their own features and appearance, as well as speaking skills and the ability to be creative. If you hire the services of a silencer shop, you will choose a freelancer with the best skills. in the field you want When you want him to jam then we will recover a freelancer with good speaking skills an attractive appearance and readiness to promote your product so that your product can sell well

1. Already a legal entity

In addition, currently freelancers are officially incorporated, namely PT Warung Teknologi Indonesia, so that every transaction made will be safe and secure because you know who you are making the transaction with.

2. Experienced

The freelancer shop itself is experienced with more than 3 years of experience. We first started in 2020 and are currently serving tens or even hundreds of clients in this field. Thus, we made this article for friends who want to rent the services of a freelancer shop, friends, you can click on the WhatsApp button on the right to ask further questions with the freelancer shop admin


Online Store Management Services are services that play an important role in assisting sellers or businesses in managing online stores. Duties undertaken include setting up advertisements, customer service, admin, product design and so on. Good online store management creates good engagement with customers.
Warung Freelancer is a freelancer community site with more than 1000 members. We provide a variety of digital marketing services, one of which is Online Store Management Services.
Buying Online Store Management Services from Warung Freelancer has many advantages including.
1. Experienced and Has Served Hundreds of Clients Since 2020.
2. Payment is safe because it is an official legal entity.
3. Have Multiple Personal Portfolios.
You can ask about our portfolio about Online Store Management Services in the WA chat to get portfolio details where we optimize the Jasa Kelola Toko Online that you want to order.

To order Online Store Management Services a freelancer stall, you need to follow the following procedure:
1. Click the whatsapp button on the website page.
2. Discussion of needs and prices.
3. Make Payments.
4. Work Process.
5. Reports.
6. Revision.

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