Google Ads Advertising Services ( AdWords)
Google Ads Advertising Services ( AdWords)

Google Ads Advertising Services ( AdWords)

What is Google Ads Advertising Services ( AdWords) ?

Advertising Services Google Ads or Adwords is a service providing advertising services so that websites managed by web development are able to appear on the first page of search engines for a certain period of time. With advertising services, the website will bring in traffic instantly in increasing business branding such as increasing sales, brand awareness and others. so as to be able to reach the target business audience and increase customer trust.

Google Ads Advertising Services ( AdWords)

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About Us

Google Ads (AdWords) Advertising Services. In every business, strong branding is needed to attract more targeted consumer interest. Branding products is the right choice in marketing strategy in the current developing era. especially in this developing era, business competition is getting tougher, even if you are not strong enough in carrying out various strategies, the business you manage might fail. Therefore, it is important for business actors to carry out marketing strategies carefully, thoroughly and in detail so that they are more focused.

Talking about business in the current digital era, of course every business can be said to have many things in common, if they want to get new customers or just want to increase the content of their business, then marketing activities must still be carried out. In the midst of the current development era, there are many marketing strategies that produce results and one of them is using Google Ads AdWord Advertising Management Services. Why? Because every advertisement based on Google Ads can reach more internet users when searching on the Google search engine.

With this, as business people, we can adjust the personalization of Google Ads AdWords ads so that we can be more tailored to business needs and at the same time we also have full control of marketing funds. Apart from that, we will also get a full report from Google on advertising performance, such as keywords that are very effective, time of visit and place, number of potential customers and so on.

What is Google Ads AdWords?

Google Ads or Google Ads AdWords is one of the most appropriate places to advertise. Google Ads AdWord itself is divided into several fields and some of them are, Google Search Results and Google Display Network.

1. Google Search Results

With this we can position our ad on the Google search engine page which will generally be marked with an Ad icon. When users are looking for the services or products we offer.

2. Meanwhile, Google Display Network

Here we can place a banner for an advertisement on one of the websites that has collaborated with Google. In supporting the success of a website or blog, of course there will always be something to do with SEO and SEM! Search Engine Optimization is an advertisement that has a long term period, and generally the advertisement will appear after some time to get real results. Meanwhile, SEM or Search Engine Marketing in short is a short-term advertising technique, where the ad will appear shortly after payment is made.

In the midst of the progress of the times and the rapid development of digital technology, digital marketing techniques are advancing more significantly and are classified as more efficient. In fact, it could be said that more than 4 billion searchers are recorded per day, so it would not be wrong if Google Ads is the right choice for those of you who want to advertise via Google and cyberspace. In contrast to print media, advertising via Google Ads doesn't take long, up to months, to see the results obtained by your Google Ads campaign.

Warung Freelancer, as one of the best providers of Google Ads Online Advertising Management Services, is ready to help you monitor and prepare web marketing campaigns with Google Ads from us. As the best and most trusted provider, Warung Freelancer will also provide evaluation materials to ensure that the budget is used as well as possible. Apart from that, the advantage of Google Ads itself is that it is supported by the best system which is more transparent so that service users can check step by step the marketing technique itself.

The Importance of Using Google Ads Management for Online Advertising

As a web developer or blogger, of course you are obliged to meet the criteria required by potential readers and visitors. Because the better the content and products or services offered, the more interest it will attract from customers or visitors. Therefore, it is important for you to use Google Ads online advertising to support business success.

By using Google Ads, you don't need to wait long to get additional visitors and views from your site. Due to several reasons below:

1. Freer broadcast hours

Here you can determine more time and be more focused to reach more effective advertisements to be displayed according to your wishes or according to visitor activity.

2. More Affordable Costs

Apart from being more time efficient, using Google Ads in advertising can also minimize costs. The reason is that the costs will be determined by the visitor's needs and we ourselves can adjust the funds per day.

3. Reach Wider

The marketing reach of products or services from a website will also be wider. So, target your advertising more broadly to reach visitors around the city, province and region you are targeting.

4. Pay Per Click

Apart from that, the use of advertisements is quite large, with a more effective PPC system design, namely the required budget will be reduced for advertisements that are only clicked on.

Google Ads AdWord Optimization and Management is an appropriate tool that can reach hundreds of millions of visitors/viewers with more than 95% of websites. Even though Google Ads is considered profitable, quite a few people find it complicated, and quite a few of them experience losses due to configuration errors and intense competition in other advertising. Therefore, it is important for us to be more careful and more thorough in using advertising services from Google Ads.

So, if you draw the conclusion above, using Google Ads Management in advertising is indeed quite effective in increasing the reputation and credibility of a website. However, if you don't understand and don't really understand how to do it, it is recommended that you use the right online advertising management service such as Warung Freelancer!

Advantages of Google Ads Online Advertising Management Services Warung Freelancer

As the best service provider in managing websites and blogs, Warung Freelancer, which has been trusted by thousands to hundreds of web developers and bloggers, now provides services such as trusted Google Ads online advertising management with a guarantee of top one page search engine success.

Some of the advantages of Warung Freelancer include:

1. Costs are more transparent because what we offer is according to Googl

2. It appears faster because after you top up your balance and the balance has been successfully entered into your advertising account, the ad will be displayed immediately at that time.

3. Ad reports can also be viewed at any time while the ad is still running

4. Free consultation with the team to discuss Google Ads campaigns at any time

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