Crowd Testing Services for All Applications and Websites
Crowd Testing Services for All Applications and Websites

Crowd Testing Services for All Applications and Websites

What is Crowd Testing Services for All Applications and Websites ?

Crowd Testing Services for All Applications and Websites is a QA, UX and other testing service that works for websites and applications. This crowd testing service will handle problems with your application or website by optimizing your digital product. With digital products you will be much more stable and efficient.

Crowd Testing Services for All Applications and Websites

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About Us

The world today is increasingly developing with the increase in the digital world. Some people may still not understand much about the ins and outs of the digital world. In this new era, of course more and more people and companies are changing their perspective on their work patterns. Recently, there have been services that have developed along with the development of the digital era. Yes, Crowd Testing is a service that is currently widely used by most companies that are just starting out or old companies that want to be more efficient in working on a project.

Most people are probably still unfamiliar with the term crowd testing. For those who don't know, crowd testing is a group of people who test an application or website with the aim of getting feedback data and finding problems on the application or website effectively and efficiently. Usually those who carry out the trial will share information, carry out assignments, and also hold discussions in forums provided via the website or application.

Crowd Testing Services for All Applications and Websites


Crowd testing can be used by both individuals and companies. Usually, this method is used to complete projects that are quite large and require a lot of labor. If a company uses crowd testing services, the company can get many benefits, including:

- Save operational costs

Companies that use crowd testing services do not need to pay per person the equivalent of one month's full salary.

- Work can be done remotely

Because it can be done anywhere, the company does not need to incur additional operational costs, such as fees and so on.

- Filling positions that do not exist in the company

By using crowd testing services, a company does not need to worry about limited existing resources.

- The results of the work are more specific

Having these specific results will certainly speed up the company's performance and lighten the workload on the company itself.

This crowd testing service is certainly very interesting if we look at the benefits and advantages that this service can provide.


In today's digital industry, we know Shutterstock and Envato as business models that use crowd testing services in the field of visual asset sourcing. Where there are millions of photo uploaders and graphic designers who work professionally and their income comes from every photo or design downloaded by users. In the science industry there is Wikipedia, which is an encyclopedia website that is open to the public where people can write, edit and also delete material presented by Wikipedia. The newest is the online mode of transportation, namely online motorcycle taxis. Where the company empowers the community to become online transportation partners.

Through the example above, it can be concluded that crowd testing services are closely related to technology. The reason is as a forum for fast information flow with a wide crowd reach. In the future, activities and exchange of information flows will also be worth turning over in the palm of your hand. There are no more barriers, so it is not impossible that in the future the crowd testing business will become a model that will be widely implemented. (

From the several examples given and from the explanation regarding crowd testing itself, it is now appropriate for business people to use crowd testing services to improve performance while gaining greater profits.


As a provider of various services, Warung Freelancer of course provides Crowd Testing services for all applications and websites. And if you ask why you should use our services, even though there are many similar service providers, it seems you need to look at some of the advantages offered by Warung Freelancer, including:

- Fast performance and can adapt to client requests

- Providing quality services

- On time guarantee

- Affordable prices

- Monitored work process

- Fast response

- 24/7 service

- Free consultation fees

So, of course you are interested in using the services of Warung Freelancer, right? Of course Warung Freelancer is the most appropriate choice because we always prioritize customer satisfaction. What are you waiting for? Please contact us directly for further explanation via the website at or via Instagram at or via WhatsApp at We will be happy to help and serve your needs.

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