Application Optimization Services in the App Store (ASO)
Application Optimization Services in the App Store (ASO)

Application Optimization Services in the App Store (ASO)

What is Application Optimization Services in the App Store (ASO) ?

Application Optimization Services on the App Store or ASO is a type of trusted service that is in charge of optimizing app store apps in apps such as the iOS App Store with SEO Friendly techniques. This method is a specific strategy for the Apple App Store, recommendations for optimizing app name and description, categorization, publishing and other optimizations.

Application Optimization Services in the App Store (ASO)

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The emergence of App Store Optimization Services (ASO) in our midst certainly brings new things into the digital realm. After the emergence of optimization services for Google Maps, Google My Business, Google Play Store and several social media platforms and so on, now the digital world is once again shocked by App Store optimization or ASO which is currently being widely discussed.

App Store Optimization or ASO is a step to increase the number of target App-Downloads from Google Play or Apple's App Store and even other portals that provide smart and tablet applications. With this, it is not surprising that this strategy is so important for application developers and anyone who has an application. Basically, ASO itself has a positive impact, namely that it can increase application popularity and also optimize brand reputation.

Even more than that, there were more than 2 million applications available in the App Store as of 2019 and this continues to increase every year. With the number continuing to increase, it is certainly not easy for an application to be at the top of the app store searches. Therefore, a good app store optimization strategy is needed so that applications can be easily found by users.

App Store Optimization Services (ASO)

App store optimization or ASO is an alternative way to increase application visibility in app stores and increase application conversion value. In other words, ASO is a strategy to make an application rank at the top of the app store search engine. Even more than that, some companies also think that ASO is app store marketing and mobile app SEO.

At first glance, it looks the same as SEO. However, ASO and SEO are differentiated by the media they use. If SEO focuses on searches in search engines, while ASO focuses more on searches in app stores. Not only does it increase the popularity of the application to be in the top position, but ASO also works to increase the click-through ratio or CTR. CTR means that you need to click on the user to click and download the application that you have.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, App Store Optimization or ASO also participates in building SEO opportunities in expanding its competency network in mobile applications. Moreover, full service SEO agencies can add ASO to their portfolio. Applications that surf successfully can also trigger an increase in traffic for the desktop version of a website. With more optimal distribution of car devices, applications can become an important factor for all SEO.

There are several things that need to be considered in ASO, namely:

- Name

- Title

- Icon

- Application ratings

- Screenshots

By maximizing the things above, the application can automatically move to the top ranking in searches in the application store. There are also two large application store platforms in the world today that have been perched in the current era of smartphone sophistication, namely the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play Store.

App Store Optimization Services (ASO)

After discussing the meaning of app store optimization or ASO, next we will discuss the objectives of App Store marketing and also App Store optimization strategies and their benefits. Here's the full review below.

Basically, the main goal in App Store marketing is to generate conversions. In the case of apps, conversions can be compared to installs/downloads. Otherwise, downloads will refer to other targets in app store marketing including:

- Increased sales

- Increased brand awareness

- Increase popularity and credibility

- Collection of user data

The above goals are also very important in increasing the visibility of applications in the app store. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the important aspects of app store optimization (ASO) can be said to be almost the same as in all App Stores. Several aspects that have a big influence on changes in the position of applications in the App Store application search results are:

- Number of downloads in fast time

- Number of assessments in the application

- Number of interactions (Comments) regarding the application

Match between keywords in the search query and in the App description, and keywords that match the title and saved search words

The number of social signals that lead to an app in the App Store. In increasing conversions, in general an App Store Optimization Service (ASO) also uses several strategies and some of them use optimization, including:

Target User Research

To do the first optimization of App Afternoon, here you can first find out who the target users are. Then, don't forget to find out the characteristics of each of them, starting from country, age, language used to the keywords most used by them.

Using Proper Names

When choosing an application name, of course there are several things that must be considered. Try to choose a name that is easy to read, unique and a maximum of 30 characters long.

Keyword Research

If you have done the two points above, it's time for you to find out what keywords are most appropriate for your application. In this case, you can use many tools to get the best keywords.

Using the Right Icons

Visuals are very important for a business, including the App Store. So, pin an application icon that is very simple but still attracts attention.

Create an Application Description

Included in the ASO strategy, creating an appropriate application description is important. This is also very useful in supporting maximizing application searches in application stores. So, try to write descriptions that are complete, clear, easy to understand, informative and appropriate to your application.


To convince users that your application is interesting and suits their needs, one way is to embed screenshots and videos. You can show how applications look and what they can do on them.

Ratings and Reviews

The last step in app store optimization is increasing ratings and reviews. The higher the rating and reviews on the application, the greater the chance that the audience will be interested in downloading and installing your application. One way you can do this is by responding to every interesting review from many users.

Besides that, there are also benefits that you can get by optimizing the App Store, namely:

- Easily visible in the app store

- Obtain organic downloads

- Increased revenue and conversion rates

- The application is discovered by the target audience

- Used by many people in various corners of the world

After reviewing the review above, what do you think about the App Store Optimization Services that are widely available today? Of course, your perception of these services will be better because basically trusted services can provide many conveniences and benefits in applications managed by you. So, do you want to do the optimization yourself or entrust it to the experts at Warung Freelancer? Of course, trust the experts for the exact answer! because, by entrusting it to experts, your application can be optimized correctly and perfectly. Curious? Please see for yourself!

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