Article Writing Services
Article Writing Services

Article Writing Services

What is Article Writing Services?

Article Writing Services is a service offered by professional writers or a team of writers that aims to help clients produce high-quality articles or content for various purposes such as blogs, websites, media publications, or other personal needs. Article writing services usually involve research, writing, and editing processes to ensure that the articles produced are in accordance with the needs and goals of the client.

Article Writing Services

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Article Writing Services

An article is a type of writing that contains opinions, ideas, thoughts and criticism about a problem that is currently happening in society. Articles are also one of the types of essays that contain non-fiction and are free. Not only does it contain problem descriptions, articles also often provide solutions. The community's need for content, both video content and article content, of course, this has also contributed to encouraging many writers to open article writing services.

Based on the KBBI, an article is a written work that is written in full. And in general the purpose of writing the article itself is to educate, inform, influence, convince and entertain every reader. In general, articles are also usually published in a media, such as magazines, newspapers or websites to bulletins.

There are also various types of articles that are most widely published. Each of these types also has its own characteristics. The following below is a brief explanation of the types of articles, their purpose and benefits that you need to know.

Article Writing Services

According to the information described above, the article is a complete work of written art. This writing art also has characteristics which include the following: It is written in a short, concise, clear manner and the discussion is complete and clear.

1. Sources are obtained based on existing facts

2. The content written is in accordance with the facts obtained from the sources but not from the author's thoughts.

3. The contents also vary, some in the form of character biographies, travel stories, arguments, tourism, culinary or so on.

4. Ideas must be adapted to the needs of the general reader

After understanding the definition of an article and its characteristics, in this section I will also explain the purpose of creating an article. The purpose of each writing is certainly different, for example the purpose of procedural text and explanatory text. Procedure text is more interpreted with the aim of giving instructions to the reader. Meanwhile, explanatory text has a purpose to mention and define something.

Article Writing Services Theme

Regarding the article itself, we can see it from the use of 2 points of view, namely the goal of the author and the goal of the reader. And below are some of them:

1. Creative

Articles written are used as the channeling of an idea and ideas

2. Existence

Articles made are used as a place of self-affirmation or to state the existence of the author for the reader

3. Troubleshooting

The writing that is made must have a purpose as a tool for each reader in solving the problem at hand

4. Assignments

Simply put, a student is given the goal of writing an article as a college or school assignment.

5. Information

Articles created only to provide information about the reader about a matter.


The last is an article that is made by containing stories that entertain every reader.

Intrinsic Factors of Article Writing

After discussing the summary of the article material, below will also explain the types of articles. although they are distinguished by the way of delivery and the level of difficulty, articles have four types, namely as follows:

1. Practical

A practical article is one that is focused on skills rather than knowledge development. In this article generally tends to be more narrative or it can also be said as a message arranged in a sequence of time, stages or events. An example of a practical article is an article written with a discussion of instructions for making something or how to fix something to operate something.

2. Narration

Narrative is a type of article whose contents tell a series of events systematically, starting from the beginning, middle and end. In the narrative there are also characters, conflicts and their resolution. Examples are biographies, stories of experiences and autobiography.

3. Exposition

Exposition is a type of article that contains explanations or information about a topic whose purpose is to broaden the reader's horizons. This article is also generally equipped with pictures, graphics and other supporting information.

4. Description

Just as the name suggests, a description is a type of article in the form of an essay reflecting something for the reader. With this the reader can seem to feel, see and hear the contents of the delivery of the description.

5. Opinion

Opinion articles are articles that review an issue based on the opinion or opinion of the author himself.

6. Expert Analysis

Meanwhile, expert analysis articles are a type of article that can be called a very serious type of article when compared to other types of articles. in this article also generally describes systematic reports regarding the results of studies or research, for example theses, theses or other research in part.

Kinds of Article Sentence Writing

After discussing the discussion above, understanding, purpose to the types and characteristics. In this section, we will explain the rules in the article. Starting from texts and articles which also have rules that must be understood. Following are the rules of validity when writing article writing content or identifying articles including the following:

1. Adverbs

First, this is the sentence most often used in an article to explain the expression of the author's attitude and can be more convincing to each reader.

2. Active Voice

The second is an active sentence and this sentence is usually used to do something. In general, this sentence has an active subject and is usually referred to as an active sentence. An example is a sentence that is used most often in an article.

3. Mental, Material and Relational Verbs

This word is generally used a lot in describing the feeling of the flow of action from the author's side. Simply put, examples of its use as follows, passion for mental verbs, read relational verbs.

4. Liaison Sentences or Conjunctions

This word is generally used a lot in describing the feeling of the flow of action from the author's side. Simply put, examples of its use as follows, passion for mental verbs, read relational verbs.

Some articles usually use a lot of connecting words, and some of the most commonly used are such as then, therefore, but and many more.

5. Kosa Kata Tambahan

In order to produce interesting and quality articles, writers usually use additional vocabulary and scientific terms when writing.

So, that's the explanation about the article that you should know.

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