Psychologist Consulting Services
Psychologist Consulting Services

Psychologist Consulting Services

What is Psychologist Consulting Services ?

Psychologist Consultation Services is a health service that refers to helping serve clients in order to get help to overcome problems related to the psychological problems they are experiencing. This psychologist consultation focuses on a persons mental health in order to lead a better life and have much better social relations.

Psychologist Consulting Services

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About Us

The progress of the times which continues to develop so rapidly makes fabric competition tight in various fields. This certainly has a big influence on the mentality of many people. For most of them, they do not have the mental capacity and continue to be depressed in less than good conditions. Of course, this condition will very likely be treated negatively and frighteningly. One of the methods used by those experiencing mental problems. Or companies that hope to have employees who are physically and mentally strong. Using psychologist consultation services is the most appropriate and most popular choice in the current developing era.

The use of psychologist services also needs to be emphasized again, that they are not always used by those who have mental disorders. However, the services of psychologists are used to assist those who are suspected of experiencing events that will trigger their mental disorders. In general, psychologists are the right friends to chat with when needed and critical. This is different from psychological services which tend to be used more by companies. where every large-scale business person generally uses this service regularly. In fact, quite a few of those who are considered professionals are appointed to become HRD. This action is also needed for certain purposes, one of which is to maintain stable harmonization in the company.

Psychologist Consultation Services

When going about your daily life, have you ever felt that there is no enthusiasm or enthusiasm for living your day, in fact you feel like you need someone to share it with and help you get excited again from the downturn you are facing? If yes, maybe the best way is to go for a psychologist consultation, so that you find comfort and you feel much better.

In today's modern era, of course finding a Psychologist Consultation Service is no longer a difficult thing to do, unlike in the past. This is because psychological consultation services are now available in many places. You can come and have a psychologist consultation as early as possible, when your condition is down, to make it easier for you to solve the problems you are facing as soon as possible.

A psychologist's consultation is an activity to overcome mental problems or disorders. However, quite a few people feel embarrassed and think that consultations with psychologists are only carried out by people with mental disorders. when in fact, mental health is as important as physical health. Psychological consultation is also a two-way communication activity between the patient and the psychologist to find solutions to problems, behavior, feelings or mental disorders experienced by the patient. This solution is given based on the mental and psychological condition as well as the patient's way of thinking and its influence on the patient's behavior as assessed by the psychologist during the consultation.

A psychologist consultation will also discuss emotional health, work, social, educational and physical conditions that may be experienced at various stages in a person's life journey. The focus of a psychologist's consultation is on various problems that trigger heavy life stress that may be faced by someone, either an individual or part of a family, organization or certain group. Through this service, someone can be helped more in solving their problems. Its function is to create a feeling of well-being, help solve problems and relieve feelings of stress. Psychologist consultations are also able to provide diagnosis, assessment and treatment of psychological symptoms that are much more severe.

Psychologist Consultation Services

Consulting a psychologist is the right solution to help you resolve problems and complaints, especially those related to social, emotional, emotional and behavioral issues. Before entering the counseling stage, a psychologist will establish a good relationship and mutual trust so that you can be more open in talking about the problems you are facing.

Below are several things that psychologists can do during a psychologist consultation:

- Help you understand or change your perspective on the problem you are facing.

- Helps you overcome feelings of anxiety, sadness, excessive fear or bad habits that have influenced your daily activities

- Guiding you to brainstorm or provide advice for any problems you experience, for example when faced with several difficult life choices

- Diagnose and treat mental disorders such as bipolar, anxiety disorders, depression and schizophrenia

- Resolve problems in relationships with other people, including partners, family and friends

Unlike a psychiatrist, a psychologist cannot prescribe medication for every patient. However, mental conditions that require treatment are still diagnosed by psychologists. If the patient really needs medication, a psychologist will refer him to a psychiatrist.

Of course, you can't just consult a psychologist. Because someone who consults a psychologist each of them has signs. Here are some signs that you need to consult a psychologist:

1. Failing to solve problems yourself

When you feel sad, anxious or even afraid, you have taken various actions to feel better, for example venting, reading motivation or diverting your mind with positive things such as exercising. If you have tried all the methods but haven't produced good results, maybe it's time for you to consult a psychologist. You also need to remember that asking for help from a psychologist does not mean you are weak or have a mental disorder.

2. Just experienced a traumatic event

Psychological consultation is often needed when someone experiences a traumatic event, such as the loss of a loved one, an old divorcee, the loss of a job, especially if the sadness they feel does not gradually go away. The reason is that everyone is not capable enough to face the toughest crafts in their life alone and they need guidance. Even if you have a consultation session with a psychologist, you can be helped by finding the best way for yourself to deal with life problems that arise and control them.

3. Annoying Problems

When a problem starts to interfere with your daily life activities, you may need a psychologist's consultation.

4. Throwing problems into negative things

Another sign that you need to consult a psychologist is when you try to forget the problem by doing negative things for yourself, such as drinking alcohol, overeating or using illegal drugs.

Problems in life basically occur when we are not ready to accept them. This problem can burden the mind, disturb emotional stability and even affect daily activities. This certainly cannot be left alone and must be handled immediately. However, not all problems can be faced alone. Sometimes you need someone's help to lighten the load and find a way out of the problem. When facing these difficult conditions, it is natural that you are not able to think clearly. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you undergo a psychologist consultation with a psychologist through the Psychologist Consultation Service at Warung Freelancer, you can talk about all your complaints and worries without fear of being judged and help you overcome the various problems you are facing.

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