Company Dissolution Management Services PT
Company Dissolution Management Services PT

Company Dissolution Management Services PT

What is Company Dissolution Management Services PT ?

PT Company Dissolution Management Services is the right solution for those of you who want to take care of company dissolution. This service will assist you in managing the process of dissolving the PT company that you founded to the end. because basically closing a company is a process of erasing the legal status of a companys existence as a business entity.

Company Dissolution Management Services PT

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About Us

In the current era of development, many Indonesians have set up businesses. However, since the pandemic hit Indonesia from then until now, it has caused several changes in the performance of the business world operating in any line and it is very unfortunate that many of them have had to adjust to the conditions and economic stability of the business itself. Even more than that, quite a few companies have gone bankrupt due to the pandemic, but there are also quite a few new companies that are starting to grow rapidly.

Basically, when building a business or company, there are many things that we as prospective entrepreneurs need to pay attention to. Because it is not only the company development process that must be known, but the company dissolution process is also an important reference to know and pay attention to the regulations. The dissolution of a company is not only triggered by the failure of a business. However, there are many triggers that are the reasons for the dissolution of a company, including, because you want to change your business field to another field, you don't want to carry out business activities in Indonesia, because of economic reasons after considering the profits and losses, and there are also other reasons, namely, because there are no business activities or agreements anymore.

When dissolving a company, of course, as mentioned above, there are several things that must be considered and known. Because apart from establishing a company, dissolving a company also requires conditions and procedures that must be followed. So with this, if you don't want to worry about arranging the dissolution of the company or don't have much time to take care of it yourself, you should use a professional PT Company Dissolution Management service such as Warung Freelancer.

PT Company Dissolution Management Services

Even though Indonesia has currently recovered from the pandemic that hit several years ago, the impact of the pandemic is still very devastating for most business sectors, one of which is the Limited Liability Company or PT. The impact of the pandemic at that time made most entrepreneurs take firm steps, namely disbanding PTs for certain reasons. There are those who argue that because the company went bankrupt they had to dissolve the PT and other reasons.

Dissolution or closure of a company is a process in eliminating the existence of a company's legal status as a legal entity. By dissolving or closing the company, this is a sign that all activities and existence of the company as a legal entity have ended. However, it is also important to remember that the loss of a company's legal entity status can only be acknowledged and declared valid after the liquidation process is completed and the liquidator's accountability is accepted by the GMS (General Meeting of Shareholders) or the court (Article 142 paragraph 1 of the PT Law)

Based on applicable law, the government has regulated all PT dissolutions or ending companies with regulations neatly packaged in Constitution No. 40 of 2007 in the PT Law section 142 concerning termination of activities, liquidation and ending the company's status as a legal entity.

There are also causes for the end of a company's status from legal entity to liquidation and termination of activities in a company which are triggered by several causes including:

- Resolutions of the GMS (General Meeting of Shareholders)

- Court Determination

- Bankruptcy assets are insufficient to pay bankruptcy costs

- Time Period Has Expired

- Bankruptcy assets are in a state of insolvency

- Revocation of Individual Business License

As a business actor or entrepreneur, you can terminate a business. If the company is no longer profitable, it could be a reason for the dissolution of the PT.

The process of dissolving a Limited Liability Company (PT) company is certainly not as easy as when setting up a PT company. Therefore, PT Company Dissolution Management Services are needed. Because there are various obligations of the company in completing each of its obligations. For example, obligations to the state such as paying taxes, employee obligations and obligations to third parties. When you think about dissolving a PT company, a legal consultant for the company must understand the history of the company's beginnings.

Not only that, he also had to ask various questions related to the dissolution of the company. One of them is the history of the company, the company's objectives, the assets owned by the company and what obligations the company has not fulfilled. A legal consultant will then map out each answer regarding the risks that are likely to occur in the future.

Company Closing Management Services PT

Liquidation is an important process in dissolving a company. Liquidation itself is a process of clearing and settling the company's assets and liabilities carried out by the liquidator in payment of debts from debtors to creditors. This liquidation is also carried out when you want to dissolve the PT company and after that revoke its legal entity status. The obligation of the liquidator itself is to confirm to all creditors regarding the dissolution of the company by announcing the dissolution in newspapers and news within a period of no later than 30 days from the date of dissolution of the company.

If the notification of the dissolution of the company is not carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, then the dissolution of the company does not apply to third parties and triggers loss of legal entity status until the liquidation process is complete and the liquidator's accountability is accepted by the GMS or court. Loss of legal entity status in a company is only recognized until the liquidation process and acceptance of liability. All companies that are undergoing a liquidation process also need to include the word liquidation in every letter circulating to the company.

To be able to dissolve a Limited Liability Company (PT), there are several requirements that must be met and below are several required documents that you need to prepare, including:

- Deed of establishment until the last amendment

- Photocopy of KTP of company colleagues, both Shareholders, Directors and Commissioners

- Photocopy of the President Director's Personal NPWP

- Ministry of Law and Human Rights decision letter up to the latest changes

- Minutes of GMS Events

- Trading Business License (SIUP)

- Certificate of domicile

- Other Supporting Documents

After completing the above requirements, the limited liability company can no longer take legal action if it has undergone the process of dissolving the PT Company, during the Liquidation process.

So, now you understand that the process and procedures for dissolving a company are not as easy as when it was founded. Therefore, it is a good idea if you want to disband the company, it is more advisable to use services that are involved in legal entities such as Warung Freelancer, where the legal consultant provides PT Company Dissolution Management Services in a professional and guaranteed manner.

Through this legal consultant service, you don't need to worry, worry or even waste time and energy just to take care of the company dissolution process. With trusted services, you can use your free time to take care of other interests. Apart from that, by using professional services such as Warung Freelancer you will save your budget because the rates for their services are very pocket friendly. So, what are you waiting for, immediately consult your needs and problems with the expert team here and get comfort and satisfaction after collaborating with professional services.

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