Sworn Translator Services
Sworn Translator Services

Sworn Translator Services

What is a Sworn Translation Service?

Sworn translator service is an official legal entity service whose job is to translate a series of legal documents such as birth certificates or other important documents, this service has a major role and responsibility for the resulting translation so that it has high legal value. aligned with the original data source.

Sworn Translator Services

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Sworn Translator Services

Right now you definitely need sworn translator services. You come to a site where we are Warung freelancers who work with the best sworn translator services in Jakarta who can provide you with sworn translator services, but before we discuss the services we offer in the recipient service category or this oath first. Let's discuss why you need the services of a sworn translator

Sworn translator services

When you need documents that are in a foreign language or change from a foreign language to Indonesian, you need the services of a sworn translator. Not carelessly translating documents from a foreign language to Indonesian or Indonesian to a foreign language with sentences that are easy to read, but sworn translator services must also has legal legality so that later it can be accepted by third parties or third companies, for example, when you want to apply for a scholarship to enter a public university abroad, you need sworn translator services to change the values in the certificate or report card into foreign exact forms, where the standards are also different, here the need for legal sworn translator services is required. So here you can't choose arbitrary translation services because ordinary translator services with oath-taking services are the big difference, the legality of sworn translator services must have company legality, then the person who translates them must have a special certificate of sworn translator.

The advantages of translator services at freelance stalls

Translator services at freelancer stalls have various advantages besides you can send goods or documents that you want to translate, you can also make an online payment system. Then we will later send the translated documents by post or online motorcycle taxi in real time if we list them. The following are the advantages if you buy the services of a sworn translator at a freelancer shop

1. Follow the rules of Fidelity to the Source Text or Loyalty to the Source Text

Fidelity to the Source Text or Loyalty to the Source Text is a rule in which a translator must follow the rules that apply in that language every language is translated but I don't suppose we follow the rules like ibm or borrowed words used in the output so that the language that is translated is not like using a machine, for example Google, which is translated by Google Translate. In addition, the connotations used in languages are sometimes different, so we must know clearly what the word is used in the context of the sentence, if the context of the sentence is different, then will have a different meaning

2. follow the principle of non-equivalence/untranslatability

What this means is that this rule regulates how we follow the languages of foreign languages. Not every foreign language has a 100% appropriate translation. Sometimes there is one sentence or one word in a foreign language. vice versa so that the experience of a translator will greatly influence the results of the translation so that the translation is easy to read and easily understood by those who read it

3. Many years experience

Warung freelancers Only work with translation service companies or Sumba with many years of experience that provide various kinds of medals and awards that have been received also only sworn translators who are officially certified and have permanent legal entities so you don't need to do experience from translator services available at freelance shop

4. Items can be sent by email and replies will be sent by post

If you are a busy person so we don't have time to come directly to the sworn translator's office you don't need to worry because the freelancer shop also provides services for remote translation. You will be asked to send a scan of the document you want to translate. Then we will send the document which has been translated in postal form so you don't have to bother anymore to come directly to the location of the sworn translator's office because you can do it online

5. friendly price

Sworn translator services are different from ordinary translation services because we have to be a legal entity and also have clear legality, but don't worry, the cost for our translator or oath is the cheapest among other translation services, so you don't need to worry about additional costs. On the other hand, we are transparent in providing prices and all prices are in accordance with what has been explained at the beginning of each document. A price list will be given first so you don't have to dagdigdu. What price do you have to pay when the documents are finished.

Sworn translator services

There are many types of document translation or sworn translation, some of which are:

1. legal document translation services

Legal document translation services are used when your company wants to expand abroad or you want to work with foreign companies in working with companies documents such as the deed of establishment of SIUP TDP SKP NPWP, power of attorney and so on must be translated in a mutually agreed upon language or the language of the company you want to work with because after all when we are in a position when we want to request cooperation with someone we have to follow him, right?

2. Financial document translation services

In a company, sometimes the owner or shareholder is a person from abroad or we ourselves have shares in a company that is abroad. Therefore, when we have a need to read financial documents, we must seek the services of a sworn translator so that we can read the existing documents easily. it's much easier and easier to stay pregnant so you don't make the wrong company decisions

3. technical guidance documents

Technical guidance documents, for example, EIA, study results, theses, etc. When we want them to be reused to carry out a collaboration process or something else, we need sworn translator services. Apart from documents like that, we also need sworn translator services or when we buy them. products from abroad that have network guidebooks in various languages but no Indonesian, we need oath sharpening services to convert them into Indonesian so they can pass BPOM and standardization in Indonesia

4. Translation of academic documents

As mentioned above, when we want to study abroad or we have studied abroad and want to equate the certificates we have or the educational documents we have with the documents in Indonesia, we must do a translation so that the documents we already have from the results of our study or study can be recognized both from Indonesia outside and from outside Indonesia that is where the role of a sworn translator is to provide confidence that the certificate has been converted correctly there is no addition or subtraction of value there is no addition or subtraction of words and educational material

5. personal document translation services

Personal documents such as KTP passwords for Family Cards and so on, sometimes we need them for various purposes, such as when we want to make passports abroad, like we want to study abroad, etc. These documents must be translated by a sworn translator so that there are no changes. data but only translations from Indonesian to foreign languages or from foreign languages to Indonesian

Those are some sworn translator services available at freelancer stalls. For more details, you can contact us via WhatsApp to inquire further.

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