Screen Printing Services
Screen Printing Services

Screen Printing Services

what is Screen Printing Services ?

Screen Printing Services is services for printing images or text on the surface of the media using screen printing techniques. This screen printing technique involves using a special stencil or template that is placed on the surface of the media, then ink is printed on the exposed part of the stencil so that the image or text is printed on the media.

Screen Printing Services

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Screen Printing Services

In the midst of the progress of the era that is currently developing, fine art has many kinds. Starting from painting, installation art, illustration art, sculpture to craft art.

Basically, craft art is one of the arts that has a series of types and techniques in the manufacturing method, one of which is the filter printing technique or what is familiarly known as "screen printing" where this technique is so popular that professional screen printing services are available.

According to one reliable source, the screen printing technique was originally discovered in China during the Song Dynasty in the range of 960 to 1,279 AD. This technique itself was intended for making special masks in China at that time.

Over time, this technique developed and spread to Europe and France, and has now become popular in Indonesia today. Screen printing itself is a process of making works of art using the technique of using stencils to form images.

The stencil itself is a paper or cloth that is given a hole with a pattern of an image to be printed as desired. Screen printing techniques also make certain parts of the screen ink impermeable while other areas can be passed through by ink, the goal is to form an image according to the print.

Screen Printing Services

Screen printing is a printing technique that uses several materials such as cloth, paper, plastic, glass and wood to others as printing media. Not only do the printing media vary, but there are also a number of types of printing techniques, including:

1. Press

In the press technique, there are two processing techniques, namely manual screen printing and automatic screen printing.

2. Digital Screen Printing

Meanwhile, there are three types of digital screen printing techniques including Direct-to-Garment, Polyflex Screen Printing and Dye-Sublimation screen printing.

As a print media that is most often used in various needs, both t-shirts, clothes, plastic and others. The screen printing technique also has several advantages that you might not know about. Some of the advantages of screen printing include:

1. Screen printing results are obtained in large quantities even though the processing time is short

2. Able to produce several effects such as glow in the dark, glitters, embossed to metallic effects

3. Screen printing results are quite relatively stable

4. The flexible characteristics of screen printing can be combined with various types of material surfaces

5. The cost of screen printing is relatively affordable

With some of the advantages above, it's no wonder that screen printing media is so popular with many people. Especially those who have a t-shirt business or other screen printing needs, of course the presence of Screen Printing Printing Services is very important in the continuity of design making and the embodiment of the design form on the desired print media.

As discussed above, the screen printing media itself has several types. Like Warung Freelancer, where this service provides various types of quality screen printing with satisfying results.

As a provider of quality and professional screen printing services, Warung Freelancer provides a variety of screen printing services which include:

1. Print T-shirt Screen Printing

T-shirt screen printing is the right solution to help you create a neat, perfect and memorable t-shirt design. This service is also very helpful for those of you who have a t-shirt distribution business because in addition to satisfying design results, the printing technique is also carried out by experts in their fields so that the results will be guaranteed.

Apart from screen printing t-shirts, Warung Freelancer also provides screen printing for other clothing such as party t-shirts, work uniforms and others.

2. Print Plastic Packaging Screen Printing

Screen printing plastic packaging is a plastic packaging that is applied with screen printing techniques in it. Broadly speaking, this activity is carried out with the aim that manufacturers can display various information related to the products offered. Besides that, plastic packaging screen printing is also able to make products look more impressive and attractive, thereby increasing marketability.

3. Print Screen Printing

Basically screen printing is a technique for printing images, writing or numbers using a screen and ink on the desired media, one of which is cloth. Print screen printing of fabrics and t-shirts. This service is perfect for those of you who need designs as well as screen printing for fabric media to meet business and branding needs and others.

4. Print Canvas Screen Printing

For this type of screen printing service, it is generally chosen by business people who are involved in the business of bags, shoes and hats. This service can assist you in printing canvas screen printing on a variety of media to suit your needs, whether it be bags such as tote bags, hats to shoes or other screen printing media made from canvas.

5. Print Wood Screen Printing

The wood screen printing available at the Freelancer Stall is very helpful for you in completing your needs, such as completing your wedding souvenirs, frames or other needs. This service is very suitable to be chosen because wood screen printing is able to give an attractive and memorable impression so it is not boring. Apart from that, you can also make wood screen printing as an idea for selling key chains, or frames to others.

6. Print Glass Screen Printing

Apart from providing several types of screen printing media above, Warung Freelancer also provides screen printing services for glass media. This type of screen printing is a type of screen printing that is relatively new among the world of screen printing. However, market interest in the need for glass screen printing continues to increase.

So it's no wonder that this is so intensely sought after by business people to personal in fulfilling their needs such as printing screen printing glasses, bottles and others to be used as wedding souvenirs or anniversary gifts or others.

In today's sophisticated era, the development of screen printing service providers is increasing rapidly to enliven the country's printing market. Some of them even have their own characteristics to attract the interest and curiosity of potential customers for their services. Warung Freelancer is no exception!

Where the most popular and trusted services for the professionalism of the way it works and its services, are also included as one of the series of the best screen printing service providers in the country. Warung Freelancer is the most reliable screen printing service provider, with the help of a team of experts and professionals in their field, making every screen printing result always satisfying.

So, now you don't need to bother and be confused to find a trusted and reliable screen printing service, because we Freelancer Warung will be ready to serve your various screen printing needs, from screen printing on cloth, t-shirts, wood, paper, plastic packaging to glass. and others.

Then, what are you waiting for? Immediately order now what type of screen printing and media you need. If you are still having trouble with determining a design, consult immediately with the Warung Freelancer design team to get the best and unmarketable design. Immediately contact our service contact and enjoy the satisfaction of working with a reliable team at Warung Freelancer!

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