Marketing Consulting Services
Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing Consulting Services

What is Marketing Consulting Services ?

Marketing Consulting Services is a special service that can assist clients in dealing with marketing, branding and sales issues in a newly created or ongoing business. Marketing consulting itself plays a role in providing advice regarding detailed marketing planning matters, creating and implementing marketing strategies.

Marketing Consulting Services

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About Us

In the current developing era, the role of digital marketing in marketing strategies is increasingly undergoing renewal where new trends are always being launched. A company or business, especially one that is still new to the world, sometimes still doesn't have a marketing team that is clever and capable. With this, companies or businesses need outsourcing personnel as a form of effort to improve the quality of their marketing.

In this way, it is not uncommon for companies to choose to use practical methods, namely using Marketing Consulting Services to complement the shortcomings they have. Based on the large opportunities of the internet in marketing, there are many companies from small to large scale that allocate more of their marketing budget in creating online campaigns. And this is where the role of a marketing consultant is needed to help increase sales of your business or company.

In the long term, the most budget-friendly strategy is to apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, but Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and other forms of marketing are also no less important in driving traffic to your site. However, of course there are still many companies or individuals who fail in this activity because of a lack of knowledge. So, this is where the role of a marketing consultant plays to help you carry out digital campaigns that are more effective and better at increasing your sales.

Marketing Consulting Services

A marketing consultant is an advisor who is involved with company tasks in creating and implementing marketing strategies. They utilize their expert capacity in marketing to help companies and business people to define and achieve the marketing targets that have been implemented. A marketing consultant will also help you (the client) in forming a more detailed marketing plan, determining marketing messages, and identifying marketing trends that suit your business or company background.

Some consultants will also be involved in research in finding the right marketing strategy. They will also help in reviewing results and changing campaign plans as marketing activities progress. This is also done to ensure that clients get the best results with their marketing strategies.

Anyway, a Marketing Consulting Service will also be the most important part in increasing your online visibility through marketing strategies with a pay per click system, marketing website optimization, social media, writing blogs and articles, and marketing strategies in other forms of digital media. Why? The reason is because they are experts and already have capacity in the marketing field with experience in this matter.

As an expert in the field of marketing with the best skills regarding broad trends, clients have full expectations for the services of a marketing consultant. Not only is he required to be professional and expert in forming quality strategies, a marketing consultant is also required to present their performance to the board of directors of a company. Based on a survey, the responsibilities of a marketing consultant include the following:

- Build and develop marketing strategies

- Carry out research on marketing trends and confirm the results they find

- Identifying and compiling messages for marketing needs on various platforms that clients access when starting their business

- Conduct marketing trend research and confirm the results they find

- Prepare reports and presentations regarding marketing strategies that will be submitted to clients

- Producing marketing materials needed by clients, both establishing brand image and taking steps to increase brand awareness and others

- Respond to interactions on social media and customer community platforms

- Designing questionnaires and research related to customer satisfaction levels as a basic form of marketing strategy

- Assisting clients in marketing campaigns from the planning process to creating activity reports

Marketing a business, whether products or services, tends to be difficult, like being in a labyrinth. Because if we are lucky we can get the right target market for our product. However, if you are unlucky, if you invest large amounts of capital, it will still produce unsatisfactory results.

Marketing Consulting Services

When you hear the phrase Marketing Consultation, it sometimes brings up the paradigm Not Necessary and Expensive! However, as a business person, it turns out that you can be helped more if you use the services of a marketing consultant. Because there are many business people who run their own business, they always want to do everything themselves or in other terms it is called in-house. With that, you actually need to employ many employees to carry out all the areas of work needed in a business.

Below are several reasons why you need marketing consulting, including:

1. Accelerate Business Growth

Business growth occurs faster if you have stable revenue, this makes it easier for you to focus on finding bar customers and up-selling to existing customers. Branding and promotional activities can basically cost a lot of money, time and energy. However, with the help of marketing consulting, branding and promotional activities can be taken over by him, making it easier for the sales team to carry out repeat orders and acquire new consumers.

2. Business is experiencing a decline

When business is experiencing a decline, of course as a businessman you need to take action to overcome it. You need to carry out an analysis regarding your product or service regarding whether your product can be accepted by the public or not and so on. By using marketing consulting when your business is experiencing a downturn, it can help you reduce the time spent on trial-error strategies and marketing activities from in-house employees.

3. Marketing is Very Complicated

The marketing stages in a business are not easy and are not always the same. The marketing process for a business is complicated and long-winded, so special knowledge and skills are needed to do it. imagine if you had to do that yourself? and more importantly, you must understand the entire marketing process so that employees are able to work effectively.

4. Obstacles in Internal Politics

In a business, of course office politics may occur. The emergence of outsiders as marketing consultants can help you assess and provide an objective point of view regarding the marketing policies that need to be implemented. Marketing Consultation will provide a strategy that suits your business, time and budget. According to a marketing consultant, the success of your business is a portfolio of their successful achievements as a consultant.

So, are you interested in using Marketing Consulting Services for your business? If the answer is "yes" then immediately contact our team at Warung Freelancer to get reliable and experienced marketing consulting services in the digital marketing field. What are you waiting for, immediately arrange a cooperation contract and enjoy the satisfaction of the success of your business.


Marketing Consulting Services is a special service that can assist clients in dealing with marketing, branding and sales issues in a newly created or ongoing business. Marketing consulting itself plays a role in providing advice regarding detailed marketing planning matters, creating and implementing marketing strategies.
Warung Freelancer is a freelancer community site with more than 1000 members. We provide a variety of digital marketing services, one of which is Marketing Consulting Services.
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in the WA chat to get portfolio details where we optimize the Jasa Konsultasi Pemasaran that you want to order.

To order Marketing Consulting Services a freelancer stall, you need to follow the following procedure:
1. Click the whatsapp button on the website page.
2. Discussion of needs and prices.
3. Make Payments.
4. Work Process.
5. Reports.
6. Revision.

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