Animal Care Services
Animal Care Services

Animal Care Services

what is Animal Care Services ?

Animal Care Services is services offered by professionals or people who have expertise in caring for pets. These services usually cover a wide range of services, such as health care, cleaning care, and animal nutrition care.

Animal Care Services

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Animal Care Services

In this era of developing times, caring for pets is no longer a difficult thing to do. The reason is that currently there are lots of Animal Care Services or what is often referred to as "Grooming".

Basically, every pet owner will always want their beloved pet to have soft, smooth and clean fur. And to get it, there are some special treatments that need to be done regularly, one of which is Grooming.

Even so, there are also many people who are not aware of the meaning of grooming and its benefits for their pets. So, what is grooming? Here's the explanation, check this out!

Animal Care Services

Basically, in the current era of globalization, animal grooming is no longer a secret, even today, grooming has become a term that is often heard in our ears, especially for animal lovers. Grooming is one of the right ways that can be done by animal owners so that their pets can look beautiful, adorable and cute as well as clean and well-groomed.

Grooming animals that is done regularly allows you as the owner to minimize or prevent the occurrence of diseases or conditions that can trigger disease earlier. With this, diseases that can spread and attack quickly in pets can be resolved immediately with efficient handling, so as not to trigger long-term effects on pets.

Even though they can do it independently, most of them prefer to send their beloved pets to professional groomers on a regular basis. The reason is, lack of knowledge and tools to support ? Brushing is one of the most important parts of the pet grooming process. But this is not the only method used. Regular brushing can remove dander, dirt and also dead hair on pets. For example, in cats, where this activity can reduce the number of hairballs swallowed. It can also prevent tangles and matting that lead to pain and infection.the grooming process. Even though in fact, the grooming process that is carried out independently at home plays an important role in teaching lessons and can provide benefits when he grows up.

It's also great for grooming pets, from nail trimming to ear cleaning so they learn to sit still while the grooming process is being carried out. In addition, the grooming process also has good benefits for pets including:

1. Bathe

Routinely bathing pets can ensure their bodies are clean and free of germs. However, make sure you don't bathe her too often, as this can strip all of the natural oils from the skin and leave itchy dry patches. Then if scratched it will cause infection and trigger the growth of bacteria and viruses that cause health problems.

2. brushing

Brushing is one of the most important parts of the pet grooming process. But this is not the only method used. Regular brushing can remove dander, dirt and also dead hair on pets. For example, in cats, where this activity can reduce the number of hairballs swallowed. It can also prevent tangles and matting that lead to pain and infection.

Brushing can also cause stimulation of the natural oils in the animal's coat which makes body parts shiny and healthy. In this way, you can identify problems with the animal's body and other problems, for example abnormalities or other swellings.

3. Cut Nails

Be sure to trim your pet's nails at all times to avoid serious injury. Trimming nails regularly can reduce the risk of injury, prevent snags and prevent ingrown nails.

So, that was the explanation of pet grooming and its benefits. Routinely doing grooming yourself or sending them to Animal Care Services can improve animal health, besides that animals will be smarter and obey orders that are said by you.

We, Warung Freelancer, provide professional grooming services. Our services are in great demand by pet owners like you who want privacy, comfort and flexibility without having to bother and waste energy.

With experienced and professional experts in the field of grooming and salons, we really prioritize quality and maximum results for your cats, dogs and pets. Complete equipment with qualified quality and the products used are products that are proven and guaranteed quality.

Some of the services offered from Warung Freelancer grooming are:

Self care

This publication includes:

- Bathe with high quality shampoo

- Full body check-up, coat and skin health

- Brushing and combing

- Drying

- Ear cleaning

- Nail cutting

- Trimming of the soles of the feet

- Trimming the hair around the genital area

- Vitamins and hair serum

- Free bow or bandana or collar

Basic and full care

- Basic or standard grooming already includes face, ear, sanitary and foot area trims

- Full grooming already includes toothbrushes, skin or nail care and clean shaving

Additional Services

1. Special shampoos include

Deodorize, Brightening, Oatmeal, Treatment and Degreaser

2. Special conditioners include

Oatmeal cream rinse, silky plum and moisturizing conditioner

- Anti-fungal and mites and healthy skin fur

- Special treatment of fleas and skin diseases

- Treatment of shedding books using a furminator

- Spa and massage packages

- Sterile spray

- Mouth and teeth cleaning

- Feather coloring

- Injection of fungus and flea medication

Grooming paint

Keep your pet cat healthy and happy by bathing using a premium shampoo specially formulated for cats.


- Special shampoos

- drained

- Cut nails

- Body brush

- Ear cleaning

Available Offers:

- Flea bath

- Shave

- Anti-hair loss shower

- Etc

Spa and Massage

So, those were some of the services offered by Warung Freelancer. How are you interested in taking care of your pet at this professional and trusted groomer? Of course, of course, apart from the affordable price of the treatment, you will also get the comfort of quality service and maximal animal care.

If you are interested in taking care of animals through Animal Care Services from Warung Freelancer, please immediately contact the admin service contact for satisfactory consultation and shuttle service. Good luck, I hope you like it and your pets are always happy.

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