Instagram Ads Advertising Services
Instagram Ads Advertising Services

Instagram Ads Advertising Services

What is Instagram Ads Advertising Services ?

Instagram Ads Advertising Services is a service for using advertisements on Instagram, we play an important role in managing strategy, budget, and managing ad campaigns on the Instagram platform for various business needs, for example increasing brand awareness, increasing sales and so on. This service plays an important role in helping businesses market their products.

Instagram Ads Advertising Services

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About Us

Instagram advertising services are booming in Indonesia at the moment because our country is listed as one of the countries that has millions of active Instagram users and the number is increasing day by day. As we know, Instagram itself has now launched a variety of new features that make anyone feel at home on Instagram for even longer.

Apart from its newest features, Instagram is also one of the most effective media in doing business! Why? Because the reach of business via Instagram is wider and includes more active users. Apart from that, with the support of the latest features which are much more interesting, your business will develop much more. So, it's not surprising that Instagram Advertising Services are available, which we have now encountered a lot with various types of advertisements, ranging from beauty products, health products, food and even services and many others are included in it.

As a business person who really wants to attract lots of visitors, of course you can never ignore the huge potential behind Instagram users in promoting your business. So, therefore, on this good opportunity, we, Warung Freelancer, apart from offering services for collaboration, we will also provide a little information regarding the importance of understanding Instagram Ads.

Get to know Instagram Advertising Services

There is no doubt about the sophistication of Instagram technology, even the Instagram Ads feature itself was officially launched on October 24 2013 and after its launch it received a positive response from business people. This has also been clearly proven by the fact that in February 2016 200 thousand advertisements were collected via Instagram. This number is increasing every day until it reaches an indeterminate number throughout the year. Ad views via Instagram itself have doubled to 500 thousand active ads. In fact, throughout 2017, active Instagram ads reached millions and in 2021 the number will reach billions.

Advantages of Advertising on Instagram

As we should know, Instagram users are always increasing every day and this makes business even easier to run. Active advertising on Instagram Ads according to research that surveys every day has increased quite significantly, this of course cannot be separated from the advantages that Instagram Ads have compared to advertising on several other platforms. So, what advantages can we feel after advertising on Instagram Ads? Here comes the answer!

1. Has many variations of ad formats, including images, videos and carousells

2. There are many invitations that can be applied with interest, both increasing the number of profile visitors, web visitors and application installations

3. Advertising on Instagram ads is more transparent and looks like general posts, so it doesn't look more aggressive

4. There are many targeting systems that can enable business owners to target advertisements more specifically, including location, gender, age and the interests of potential visitors.

As a well-known and trusted social media platform, Facebook has now officially purchased Instagram. With that, don't be surprised if you see that several ad settings on Instagram ads are integrated and also similar. Because most of the settings, including budget, scheduling and several others, can be obtained from the Facebook platform.

Terms How Instagram Ads Work

As a potential user of Instagram Ads online advertising, now is the right time for you to learn more about the terms contained in Instagram Ads and what are the mandatory things you need to know as an actor placing advertisements for your business through Instagram Ads.

First there is Ads Manager

This first term is a term that refers to Ads Manager. This tool is one of the advertising tools available on Facebook which can reach you in creating and managing Instagram ads and Facebook ads. The features available in it include:

1. Do advertising targeting

2. Review advertising performance

3. Review the summary, payment method information and history

4. Run and create advertisements

Second there is the Business Manager

For this second term, Business Manager is a Facebook platform that we can use for advertising. This sophisticated feature service also has a stand-alone nature, the aim of which is to stand alone and not depend on manufacturing and can be moved. Therefore, a Facebook user can have many business manager access. Not only that, business managers are also quite good at standing, where one business manager is able to produce 10 advertisements. The facts that you must know about this term include:

1. Able to create or manage more than one ads manager

2. Can allow sites to gain authority from people in ads accounts, pages and pixels

3. You can avoid errors when placing advertisements, don't forget to use several payment methods

Tips for Advertising Instagram Ads

For those of you who have a business but it hasn't been noticed by many people, you can try this method to maximize your business. A more optimal business with good advertising can help achieve your business, one of which is using Instagram Ads Management. There are also tips for doing this, namely:

1. Maximize Instagram stories

2. Make ads more natural

3. Visuals are the main key

4. Single image

5. Single video

6. Slideshow

7. Instagram ads photo size

8. carousel

By getting to know Instagram Ads Management, you can be sure that you will be able to help you place the best advertisements, and never hesitate to always use the Ubi feature so that your business is better and more known to many people. To optimize ad performance, you can provide support that includes interesting content. And to complete this task, you can trust Warung Freelancer as the only trusted Instagram advertising service provider in Indonesia.

By implementing online advertising via Instagram Ads, you are giving yourself the same freedom in designing advertisements, but there are several things that must also be mastered and need to be paid further attention so that the advertisement can run perfectly. Warung Freelancer has provided online advertising management services via Instagram Ads to help you organize campaigns and increase the popularity of your business.

How? Interested in doing online advertising on Instagram ads now? If you are still unsure about the results, then you can trust freelancers to make your advertising steps easier via Instagram Ads. Contact our service now and get attractive bonuses for those of you who are lucky on certain days.

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