Vehicle Rental Services
Vehicle Rental Services

Vehicle Rental Services

what is Vehicle Rental Services ?

Vehicle Rental Services is a service for procuring vehicle rentals by means of daily rentals or contracts using drivers or off-key, the use of this vehicle rental can be developed to help people or companies that do not or do not have the means of transportation used to meet their needs. personal travel needs.

Vehicle Rental Services

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Vehicle Rental Services

Driving has become a daily lifestyle nowadays because by driving we can save our travel time compared to walking, but the price of vehicles that keeps rising makes us sometimes need a vehicle but can't afford it so when we travel far to a place, for example, we are traveling or traveling, we need a vehicle that we can use once or one day without having to buy it

Vehicle rental services

Vehicle rental services are a solution to this problem. With vehicle rental services, we can have a vehicle for us to use to get around or drive during the holidays or during certain periods when we are away from home and need a vehicle, but without wanting to buy the vehicle with a vehicle rental service, we can use the various kinds of vehicles that we want according to our budget and needs such as if we are just alone we can use a motorbike loan service or when there are four or five of us we can use a car rental service

Various kinds of vehicle rental services

Vehicle rentals are divided into various types, starting from what is rented, such as motorbikes, luxury cars, and so on, there are also based on time, some are for 4 hours, for example, like taxis and so on, there are also those per day, apart from the time and type of vehicle, there are also with the type of handover, some use a driver, some without a driver, it will determine the price of the rental fee, the rental of vehicles that we provide include:

1. daily car rental or rental services

Our car rental or rental services are rented for one full day. So the calculation is that you rent for one full day from morning to evening, which is for 12 hours during this rental. You are required to refill full gasoline. When you return the car to us, as When you receive the car in full gasoline condition, each vehicle is equipped with insurance from a certain party, so you don't have to worry about losing or having an accident that causes the car to be damaged.

2. Car rental or tental services with a daily driver

This car rental or rental service is equipped with a driver so you don't need to bother thinking about how to bring the vehicle. For example, you want to go to a place that is very far away, you don't know how to drive a car or you can't expertly use a car using a charter system. or rent you can choose various types of cars such as Avanza Xenia Innova to minibuses

3. rental services for two-wheeled motorized vehicles or motorbikes

For those of you who like adventure, of course it is not suitable for using large vehicles such as cars, we also provide rentals for various types of two-wheeled vehicles, whether in the form of automatic motorbikes or various other sport motorbikes

4. monthly rental

In addition to daily rentals, we also provide services for monthly rentals, both for motorcycles and for cars, this rental is based on an agreement, so if you want a car or motorbike for one month, you must discuss with our team and our team will personally check for you. and your neighborhood if you are fit you will be able to rent a vehicle from us for one month

Those are some motorized vehicle rental services provided by freelancer stalls

The advantages of using vehicle rental services at freelancer stalls

When you rent at a freelancer stall, there are various kinds of advantages that you can get, namely

1. affordable price

Freelance stalls provide prices that are relatively much cheaper than various other existing providers, so you don't need to bother thinking about how much the rental costs.

2. Guaranteed legality

Even though the freelancer shop is a community, we have been established under the auspices of the Indonesian technology shop PT, so you don't need to be afraid of things that are issued because we have legal standards.

Okay, that's an explanation about vehicle rental services at freelancer stalls for those of you who are interested in renting a vehicle. You can contact our wa

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