Pvc and Gypsum Ceiling Installation Services
Pvc and Gypsum Ceiling Installation Services

Pvc and Gypsum Ceiling Installation Services

What is Pvc and Gypsum Ceiling Installation Services ?

PVC and Gypsum Ceiling Installation Services is a professional handyman service in the field of ceiling installation. This service is tasked with assisting clients in the process of installing ceilings with various types of either gypsum or PVC. Ceiling installation services also generally offer maintenance and repair services for ceilings that are worn out and damaged.

Pvc and Gypsum Ceiling Installation Services

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About Us

In today's modern era, it's not just about creating new and updated house designs and room layouts. However, ceilings are also experiencing renewal, where previously the ceilings we knew were only made from plywood which was made from thin wood, in fact in the current modern era the newest ceiling products have emerged which are predicted to be able to attract the attention of the public in this modern era. What ceiling is that? Yes, PVC and Gypsum ceilings, the most popular and popular ceilings that can create a new atmosphere in every room. In fact, currently PVC and Gypsum Ceiling Installation Services are widely available which you can easily find.

When you want to buy a ceiling, of course you will be faced with many considerations. One of them is the price that suits your pocket best. This also creates a need for many contractors to calculate RAB on projects, especially in the ceiling area. PVC and Gypsum ceilings are also popular types of ceilings on the market. In order not to make the mistake of choosing a cheap ceiling, consumers like you must know the differences between the two.

PVC and Gypsum Ceiling Installation Services

What is a ceiling? The ceiling or what is more familiarly known as the ceiling is a part of building construction which functions as a layer that limits the height of the room. Not only that, the ceiling also functions to increase comfort, safety and beauty of a room.

Basically, ceilings are made with the aim of preventing hot or cold weather from entering directly into the house after passing through the roof. In this modern era, of course the ceiling is not only a barrier to heat and cold, but the ceiling also functions as decoration to beautify the interior of the building. The ceiling materials used are now various types, ranging from gypsum ceilings, wood, melamine plywood, asbestos cement sheets, hardboard, softboard, particle board, aluminum and what is quite popular at the moment is PVC ceilings. The easy maintenance factor is the reason many people choose PVC as their favorite ceiling.

Anyway, when discussing ceilings, it could be said that all houses use ceilings. Apart from having an impact on appearance, ceilings are also able to prevent various bad things from happening. Such as protecting against light leaks caused by leaking roofs and covering electrical elements in the house. And there are many more benefits of ceilings that whether you realize it or not can have a positive impact on the room. In the midst of the progress of this developing era, there are many types of ceilings that can be differentiated based on the type of material, because there are many types of ceiling variants that can be used, it is important for you to choose the best ones, such as gypsum and PVC. There are some of the best benefits of ceilings that you need to know:

Functional Benefits of Ceilings

1. Make the room soundproof

A room with a good ceiling can reduce the sound in the room. You can compare it to a room without a ceiling, if you try, the sound will definitely spread outside the house. This happens because in theory, the part of the house, precisely under the roof, is blocked by the ceiling so that the sound remains in the room.

2. Protects the floor from animal waste

The ceiling also plays an important role in helping to protect the room from animal waste that often lives in the house, such as insects and cockroaches. Can you imagine that if your house didn't have a ceiling, it would be very likely that the floor would continue to be dirty because of these animals.

3. Protect the floor from roof leaks

Installing a ceiling in the house will help reduce the risk of leakage problems triggered by roof leaks. This is also very useful when the rainy season arrives. The reason is that rainwater will not fall directly onto the floor of the house because it is blocked by the ceiling. Of course, the effectiveness of the function also depends on the type of ceiling used.

4. To place the light socket

Lights are an important part of a house. The presence of the lights themselves is able to illuminate and give the impression of comfort and safety for the occupants. When installing lights, you will usually need a socket. This socket element will be installed in a part of the room that functions as a ceiling. If there is no ceiling, it will be complicated when installing room lights.

5. Storage Warehouse

When it is difficult to allocate a place to store things, the ceiling can function as the most vital storage warehouse. Just open the ceiling door in the corner of the room with the ceiling

Benefits of Ceilings on the Aesthetic Side

1. As a room decoration

2. Hide electrical installation elements in the house

3. Roof frame cover

So, there are many benefits of ceilings in creating a comfortable and safe residence to live in. The ceiling can not only be relied on as a room decoration, but also acts as a multifunctional element. You need to pay attention to every part of the house ceiling. Good maintenance will also make the ceiling look more beautiful, remain durable and beautiful. Moreover, if you use PVC and gypsum ceiling types, of course the house will be more beautiful and perfect. Plus, if the installation uses professional PVC and Gypsum Ceiling Installation Services such as Warung Freelancer, of course the results will look more satisfying.

PVC and Gypsum Ceiling Installation Services

At the beginning of the discussion, we looked at the importance of ceilings and the benefits they have. Now we will move on to the types of PVC and Gypsum ceilings where these two popular ceilings are currently being hotly discussed by many people regarding their use. To further ensure that your choice is correct and meets your needs, below we have prepared the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of ceilings, including:


1. Gypsum: The price tends to be expensive but the throw is quite large, making gypsum special in the hearts of users. This is more cost effective, there are many model choices and you can use regular installation services

2. PVC: Being a type of ceiling that is quite popular and is predicted to be a competitor to gypsum, PVC has the advantages of being waterproof, light, anti-termite and installation is much faster, easier to maintain, more elastic and of course no painting is required.


1. PVC: The price tends to be more expensive, it cannot be connected if the installation team makes the wrong cut, not many people understand the installation. Cannot be used in outdoor locations exposed to direct sunlight. The sheet has an area of 20 cm but several well-known brands have different cabinets.

2. Gypsum: Not waterproof, can be attacked by termites, easily rots if exposed to water. if there are repairs it requires painting and the finish is a little uneven. When the installation process requires several people, it is unhealthy for respiratory sufferers and can be dangerous if it falls on you

So, at this point, do you understand what kind of ceiling is right and what you need? Each of them has advantages and disadvantages for each user. Make your choice now and find the best PVC and Gypsum Ceiling Installation Services at Warung Freelancer. Professional and experienced installation, carried out by an expert team and of course very economical.

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